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Property Inspections


Roof & Façade Inspections

Traditional or manual roof / façade inspections are costly, dangerous, and time-consuming, often requiring cherry pickers and scaffolding. Such operations can exacerbate structural damage and weakness and place technicians at risk of falling. Due to challenges accessing complex or large buildings, it can be hard to get an overview of asset condition, with small-scale issues, such as leaks or installation issues sometimes going undetected.

Drone-based roof inspections are a fast, safe, and cost-efficient alternative, providing high-quality data provision and insight into asset condition. The agile, aerial nature of drones allows full remote access to structures with a comprehensive view from all heights and angles, whilst eliminating the need for expensive equipment and risk to technicians during the inspection phase. Our drones capture HD images and footage to detect small-scale defects that may be overlooked during traditional inspections.

Thermal data capture of a building

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Monitoring Building Safety

Safety in multi-occupancy buildings is paramount, and fire risks must be eliminated. Drones are unrivalled in their ability to capture high-quality data about buildings of varying heights and complexity.

Drone-based inspections provide HD images so that the external fabric of the building can be analysed in 360-degree detail for issues with fire escapes or flammable materials. Images can be stitched together to create a 3D digital twin model of the building, providing a complete view of a structure from all angles, and allowing you to make informed decisions, backed by solid data.

drone being assembled
Featured Case Study

South Lakes - Housing Estate Inspection

With South Lakes previously using traditional roof inspection methods to assess the estate, concerns remained unaddressed with issues prevailing due to a lack of insight and data being obtained on each property’s upper surface condition.

Vantage UAV was employed to carry out a full-coverage roof and upper surface inspection across the entire estate, totalling 14 blocks.

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