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The integration of drones into the solar energy sector is delivering a range of benefits. Drones are used to assess the functioning of solar panels, increase their effectiveness, and lower the associated expenses. With high vantage points, drones make it feasible to assess potential places for new solar plants or detect broken or dysfunctional panels with ease, all of which can be geotagged to ensure nothing is missed.

Thermal imaging payloads can identify the amount of solar radiation across the solar farm, while accounting for environmental factors like humidity and cloud cover, which might affect energy production. This enables more precise projections of energy output, helping solar energy producers maximize their investments.

drone being assembled
drone in flight


Drones provide a comprehensive aerial perspective of wind farms and facilitate the collection of real-time data through surveying. This data can be analysed to detect potential problems, such as damage to turbine blades or malfunctions in connections.

The use of drones in inspecting and monitoring wind turbines helps to maintain their efficiency and prolong their lifespan. Repeat flights also streamline the process of scheduling installation and maintenance activities, ultimately improving safety and efficiency. Furthermore, drones can conduct terrain mapping and generate data that can inform strategic decision-making regarding the placement of new turbines.

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