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Crop Health & Management

Drones can be used to collect data about crop stress, such as plant diseases, nutrient deficiencies or water scarcity, helping farmers identify issues with their crops and apply treatments quickly. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras can be flown over fields and orchards to capture images of crops and identify diseases, pests, and other problems. In addition to visual imaging, drones can also be used to collect data about crop health, such as soil moisture levels, temperature, soil composition, and plant health. This data can then be used to create maps and models that farmers can use to inform their decisions and create more efficient farming practices.


Drones can also be used to spray pesticides and fertilisers over large areas, saving farmers time and money and reducing waste. Furthermore, they can be used to transport small items between farms, saving farmers the cost of transportation. As drone technology continues to advance, agricultural drone applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated, enabling farmers to collect more accurate data and make better-informed decisions.

drone being assembled
drone in flight

Livestock Management

Livestock management with drones is a growing trend that has the potential to transform the farming industry. Utilising drones in livestock management can provide farmers with more effective and efficient ways to track and monitor their animals. Drones can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring the health of livestock, detecting illnesses early, observing grazing patterns, herding animals, counting the herd size, inspecting fences for damage, monitoring water sources, detecting pests and predators, and mapping land.


By using drones in livestock management, farmers can improve their operation's efficiency and productivity, whilst ensuring the welfare of their animals. The use of drones for livestock management is quickly becoming a reality and is worth considering for any modern farmer looking to stay ahead in the industry.

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