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About The Company.

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Who We Are.

Vantage UAV is a global drone services and solutions provider, focusing on delivering viable functional data to make informed decisions in a safer, faster and smarter way.

We are the exclusive Preferred Supplier of Drone Services to the National Housing Federation, and have extensive experience in supplying services and solutions to a diversity of clients from Large Corporates to the Public Sector. Despite being a global company, we pride ourselves in our localised service, offering bespoke solutions to each individual client’s needs.

Our ability to provide support across a variety of sectors stems from our wealth of internal expertise. Our team is made up of skilled individuals with a genuine passion for drones and relating sectors. As a company we encourage the continuous learning of our employees, ensuring that we have the most up to date knowledge, know-how and solutions in order to provide complete support to each of our clients.
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What Sets Us Apart.

We pride ourselves in supporting our clients end-to-end, meaning we are present at every step of the UAV integration process to provide the necessary level of assistance that each customer requires. We recognise the importance of sharing our knowledge with our clients throughout to ensure the benefits of our service is maximised.

We don’t just stop with what we know! Our team are constantly reaching out to new market verticals and possible solutions to gain deeper knowledge of the UAV industry and expand our capabilities. This means if you have a niche or unique question or requirement, we will have the ability to help.

The solutions we provide are structured around sustainability, for the planet and for your business. Not only do we offer a low carbon intensive option to data collection, but our services and solutions deliver affordable, repeatable, consistent and reliable data collection, making it an invaluable long-term tool.

Our Values:
Holistic Support
- Continued Learning
- Sustainable Practices

Vantage UAV was established in 2017 to be the first holistic ‘one stop shop’ for all things UAV. The founding directors wanted to create a business which filled the market gap of providing both drone services and solutions to the growing market demand.

It All Started With The CEOs...

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Having worked as City Entrepreneurs since their late twenties, Jon Love and Richard Scriven finally decided to ditch their suits and come together to found Vantage UAV. To begin, Jon and Richard integrated themselves into relevant UAV market ecosystems to gain a deeper understanding; working every waking hour to establish Vantage UAV whilst minimising every possible overhead and continuing to earn income elsewhere to allow the company to continue.

The first two years focused on researching the entire UAV industry along with numerous market verticals where drone technology could be readily implemented to vastly improve workflows. Over this period, the company began to employ industry experts from both the manned and unmanned aviation sector to further bolster the breadth of market knowledge and technical expertise within the company. Many market sectors remained sceptical of drone technology and its respective benefits. Many simply didn’t have budgets for new technology and some just didn’t know what they didn’t know. So, Jon and Richard invested their time and money in speaking to and connecting with as many people as they could to demonstrate the undeniable benefits drones create.

In all, they spent 2 years travelling the globe spreading the word before finally, Vantage UAV started to gain traction. It’s fair to say a few mistakes were made along the way, but the dream remains on course. Today, the company has grown to a world-wide team. Vantage UAV has successfully equipped many businesses of varying sizes with the tools necessary to effectively implement drones into their workflows and create practices that are Safer, Faster and Smarter. The company now has a rich assortment of industry knowledge with teams dedicated to the differing market verticals. Vantage UAV is now proud to be involved with a variety of major sectors such as Housing, Agriculture, Mapping & Surveying, Renewables, the Built Environment and much more!

We are so pleased with the progress we have made and excited for the years to come, to continue to build on what we believe in… Keep one ear to the sky for what’s coming next!