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Thermographic Data Capture


Thermal Imagery

The applications of drone thermal imagery are diverse, ranging from the detection of wildlife, the monitoring of industrial sites, and the search for survivors in disaster-stricken areas. It can be used to identify areas where heat is being lost from buildings and where energy efficiency measures can be implemented, or to identify hotspots of electrical and mechanical faults in solar panel fields and industrial equipment. The images produced by thermal cameras are typically in grayscale, making them easier to interpret, and can often be processed in real-time to provide useful information for drone pilots.


Thermographic data capture can allow inspectors to identify areas of heat loss and use this information to produce an in-depth report which can allow action to take place. Vantage UAV are working to implement a drone-based solution of a water-based semipermeable coating which improves waterproofing and reduces heat loss of buildings and structures, reducing heat loss up to20%.

Thermal data capture of a building

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Featured Case Study

South Lakes - Housing Estate Inspection

With South Lakes previously using traditional roof inspection methods to assess the estate, concerns remained unaddressed with issues prevailing due to a lack of insight and data being obtained on each property’s upper surface condition.

Vantage UAV was employed to carry out a full-coverage roof and upper surface inspection across the entire estate, totalling 14 blocks.

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