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South Lakes Housing

South Lakes - Housing Estate Inspection



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Vantage UAV conducted a full drone roof and upper surface inspection across South Lakes Housing's Waterside Estate.
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The project objective was to gain a better understanding of the properties' conditions and overcome access challenges.
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Detailed outputs were generated by Vantage UAV, allowing South Lakes to take pre-emptive action to mitigate and repair issues before further damages could occur.
St Luke's Church
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The Problem.

With South Lakes Housing previously using traditional roof inspection methods to assess the estate, concerns remained unaddressed with issues prevailing due to a lack of insight and data being obtained on each property’s upper surface condition. The unique and complex features of the estate, including river-side four-story buildings, underpasses, extensions and hard-to-reach five-story flats, made traditional inspections ever more challenging and costly. The disruptive and intrusive nature of an estate-wide traditional roof inspection was also considered an unfavourable method for residents as it would involve a vast amount of scaffolding.

Tom, Operations Director at Vantage UAV explained: “A big part of the planning process is advising residents that a drone inspection will be taking place. This allows us to ensure that residents are aware but also allows us to ensure that residents are kept safe in terms of privacy and of course the flight operation itself.”

Circa 60% Cost Saving

Entire Estate Inspected Within 6 Hours

Reduced Carbon Footprint (Scope 3 Emissions)

The Solution.

Vantage UAV was employed to carry out a full-coverage roof and upper surface inspection across the entire estate, totalling 14 blocks. The accuracy, flexibility and access drones can offer are unparalleled, meaning access challenges and hard-to-reach areas across the estate were easily overcome.

The total estate inspection was captured by Vantage UAV in 6 hours, with the data being processed and available to access within 24 hours. Vantage UAV’s cloud data platform allowed for a high-resolution remote inspection with annotations being added to generate a detailed report of the estates’ roof and upper surface conditions.

3D model of church
3D model of church


Vantage UAV’s drone inspection allowed for the identification of a variety of problem areas across the estate, providing greater insight into their severity and the necessary responsive repair action. Several properties had vegetation growth which had already or was in the process of causing structural damage to building roofs and facades.

The detailed assessment also provided information on minor works needing to be carried out with areas of moss and lichen growth, as well as damaged or missing tiles. The outputs provided data for strategic repairs based on severity and supported planned maintenance for potential issues to be highlighted and resolved before incurring serious damage.

High Resolution Data
Enabling improved ongoing property asset management and maintenance.
Reduced Scope 3 Emissions
Inspection performed by local pilots, eliminating carbon-intensive inspection equipment and transport.
6 Hour Inspection
Of an entire estate, producing detailed data with outputs ready to view within 24 hours.
Circa 60% Cost Saving
Calculated from average traditional inspection costs compared with Vantage UAV.
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