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Exclusive Drone Service Provider
to the National Housing Federation.

About Us.

Vantage UAV is a global drone services and solutions provider, focusing on delivering viable functional data to make informed decisions in a safer, faster and smarter way.

We are the exclusive Preferred Supplier of Drone Services to the National Housing Federation, and have extensive experience in supplying services and solutions to a diversity of clients from Large Corporates to the Public Sector. Despite being a global company, we pride ourselves in our localised service, offering bespoke solutions to each individual client’s needs.

Our ability to provide support across a variety of sectors stems from our wealth of internal expertise. Our team is made up of skilled individuals with a genuine passion for drones and relating sectors. As a company we encourage the continuous learning of our employees, ensuring that we have the most up to date knowledge, know-how and solutions in order to provide complete support to each of our clients.
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Property Inspections

Vantage UAV is supporting housing associations across the UK with bespoke, in-depth property inspection services. As the preferred supplier to the National Housing Federation, we have extensive experience in assisting the housing sector with its asset management.
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3D Mapping & Modelling

Drones have revolutionized the way 3D mapping & modelling is carried out, making it easier and faster to survey and map large areas. With the use of drones, 3D modelling can now be done from an aerial perspective, providing more accurate and detailed results.
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LiDAR Surveys

LiDAR is a type of advanced technology that is used to measure the distance of objects from a given point. It produces highly accurate data that can be used for various applications, such as providing detailed topographical maps of large areas and creating 3D models of landscapes and structures.
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Thermographic Data Capture

Drone thermal imagery can be used to identify areas where heat is being lost from buildings and where energy efficiency measures can be implemented, or to identify hotspots of electrical and mechanical faults in solar panel fields and industrial equipment.

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Featured Case Study

South Lakes - Housing Estate Inspection

With South Lakes previously using traditional roof inspection methods to assess the estate, concerns remained unaddressed with issues prevailing due to a lack of insight and data being obtained on each property’s upper surface condition.

Vantage UAV was employed to carry out a full-coverage roof and upper surface inspection across the entire estate, totalling 14 blocks.

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