Drone Repairs and Maintenance


Experienced Technicians, Fast Turnaround

Working from our dedicated technical maintenance facility in Telford, Vantage UAV is able to offer comprehensive repair & maintenance services using one of our highly experience drone technicians.

Whether you've crashed your drone or you simply need routine maintenance to be performed, our drone service centre can process most repair requests within three to five working days.

We stock a vast amount of replacement parts for all major drone brands. That includes Autel Robotics, DJI, Yuneec, Zerotech, GoPro and Parrot parts for a quick turnaround and a fantastic customer experience!

Our service centre's address is:

PR House, Hortonwood 30

Telford TF1 7ET


United Kingdom

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Featured Case Study

South Lakes - Housing Estate Inspection

With South Lakes previously using traditional roof inspection methods to assess the estate, concerns remained unaddressed with issues prevailing due to a lack of insight and data being obtained on each property’s upper surface condition.

Vantage UAV was employed to carry out a full-coverage roof and upper surface inspection across the entire estate, totalling 14 blocks.

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