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Nottingham City Homes

NCH - Terraced Housing Inspection



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A terraced house in Nottingham City was suffering from damp infiltrating through the first-floor bedrooms.
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Nottingham City Homes made numerous attempts to identify and rectify the root cause of the issue using traditional inspection methods, however this was unsuccessful.
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Subsequently, Vantage UAV was employed to conduct a full drone roof inspection of the property, which promptly led to the identification and repair of the issue.
St Luke's Church
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The Problem.

An individual terraced house in central Nottingham was suffering from extreme damp throughout the first-floor bedrooms, leading to a variety of internal damage being caused. NCH made several attempts to identify the cause of the issue, conducting three separate inspections with scaffolding being erected each time.

Repeated repairs were made to the dormer windows on the property in question however, despite such actions being taken the issue persisted with the resident’s discontent growing. Such continuation of the issues led to the resident taking to social media to bring attention to the problem.

Data Captured Within 2 Hours

Yearly Potential Saving of £4.2m

Issues Immediately Identified

The Solution.

Vantage UAV conducted a comprehensive drone roof inspection of the property, providing detailed data of the roof’s condition. Within an hour of arrival on site, the drone had been  deployed and high resolution images were captured.

Vantage UAV’s ability to capture a bird’s eye view of the property resulted in issues being easily identified, with previously unknown roof damage being discovered. The issues could then be remotely inspected in detail via Vantage UAV’s cloud data portal, allowing for annotations and defect measurements to be easily added.

3D model of church
3D model of church


Vantage UAV’s drone inspection identified a variety of areas of unknown damage. The data captured highlighted the poor condition of the chimney stack, something which had been overlooked during the traditional inspections. Other compounding factors caused by adjacent properties were also identified, with the outputs providing evidence.

The resident was delighted with the speed and efficiency of the drone inspection process, sending an email to NCH expressing their gratitude for Vantage UAV’s services and wishing that drone technology had been used earlier.

Resident Support
The local residents explained they were in favour of the adoption of drones, much preferring their deployment over scaffolding.
Problem Identified
The drone inspection uncovered previously unidentified issues, which were then rectified, solving the damp problem.
2 Hour Inspection
Data was captured within 2 hours, with additional images of adjacent NCH-owned properties being collected at the client's request.
Yearly £4.2m Saving
Representative sum based on this use case. 10% total saving on NCH repair and improvements 2019 spend of £42m.¹
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